Sweet aromas combined with humidifying benefits and a safe product delivering aromatic luxury makes a perfect combination of dreamy pleasure for every aromatherapy fan. It sounded as a perfect inspiration for the creation of FrenchLotus Humidifiers’ Collection!


What are humidifiers and what are they capable of?

Humidifiers are machines designed to deliver healthy essential oils’ benefits within your very own household. These advantages include but are not limited to easing headaches, reducing allergies, eczema, bloody noses, and eye irritation. Humidifiers can regenerate air, which will, hence, aid the prevention of airborne viruses’ spreading within your cherished household. They are proven to prevent influenza and aid a dry throat; making a cough more productive by healing irritated vocal cords and airways, which consequently reduces snoring. No more sleepless night snoring from our men, ladies!

Who thought that humidifiers can even benefit your own home? Their moist can keep your houseplants healthier, more luminous, and even preserve a long life for your wooden floors, wallpaper, and delicate furniture.

French Lotus Humidifiers, which can function up to 40 hours, spread aroma up to 40 m², are easily cleaned, maintained, and shut off automatically at low water level, are completely safe; since they are green and clean products.


Aromatic and humidifying benefits delivered to your own household!

Including a humidifier in the nursery can protect your child and boost immunity. It can even help decrease nasal congestion; which is especially helpful if your child is having a cold. You need to look for a quiet humidifier that can soundly aid your child’s sleep or a multi-functional humidifier that can even be used as a LED night lamp. Humidifiers can be useful around pets too; since they reduce itchiness, flaking, dandruff, hair loss, and undesirable odours. A wide range of car humidifiers is also available; so you can take the humidifying effects wherever you travel!

These simple yet effective machines can, in fact, increase the air’s moisture levels, which improves overall mood and even adds to the skin’s hydration levels; preventing dryness, dehydration, ageing, and sagging skin as they save cracked lips, dry skin, hair, as they keep skin and hair moist.

Could that possibly be the historical aromatherapy secret fountain of youth behind French ever-lasting beauty?

Let each penny spent on your purchase matter!