As a person who was raised in the sacred French countryside, the land of natural beauty; I grew up watching my family make essential oils themselves, using them for aromatherapy, beauty, healing, and even cooking purposes. I grew up, acknowledging that every household deserves to benefit from these natural elixirs that have existed for over 6000 years!


The combination of essential oils and diffusers will help you

Essential oils are extracted through delicate steam distillation; they are environmentally friendly plant extracts and normally safe to be used to relieve anxiety, stress, and insomnia such as Lavender Oil. Some can even treat headaches and improve focus, such as Sandalwood Oil and Ylang-Ylang Oil. Ones like Peppermint Oil can be used in cooking and added to boosting smoothies; since all essential oils have even been Generally Recognized as Safe by the Food and Drug Administration. Tea Tree Oil, however, is incorporated into skincare ingredients and directly applied to the skin; to heal acne; for its antiinfection and anti-inflammatory properties. Others can provide antimicrobial and antiviral benefits, like Eucalyptus Oil and Bergamot Oil, and have been essentially recognised in medicine. However, it is always advised to initially patch test oils.

French Lotus essential oils are delicately formulated the original way, delivering pureness, no preservatives or any other added chemical components; which is why they can last up to 3 years. Packaging is, as well, recyclable and environmentally-friendly. However, some essential oils, especially the strong and scented ones, are advised to be diluted with carrier oils. All essential oils previously mentioned are available in the FrenchLotus collection, check out our Beginners' Kit! Do not forget to have a look at the essential oils accessories for an exclusive aromatherapy experience!


The combination of essential oils and diffusers will help you

The overall advantage of essential oils’ usage depends on the way chosen to incorporate them into your own lifestyle. The safest and most favourable method is incorporating them into your aromatherapy routine through diffusers, which allow you a full benefit and help essential oils get absorbed throughout the body.

Every substance applied either topically, orally, or present in the air around us gets absorbed into our bloodstreams, hence, circulated to our organs. Therefore, it would be wise to make the right decisions when choosing products that are kind to our planet. Choose what is safe for you and your family; the cleanest product your household, health, and body deserve!


Let each penny spent on your purchase matter!