The French Lotus Team has been inspired by the French countryside; the home of true natural aromas, to do whatever it takes for the sake of your very own comfort and relaxation, offering dear costumers the special Essential Oils Diffusers Collection; a method to invite the power of nature into your very own doorstep decoratively. Diffusers can provide fast yet efficient luxury that works as a wellness-elevating system, connecting your senses to the healing powers of mother nature.


Essential oils diffusers in your aromatherapy routine

      We have all been there; tossing and turning, unable to sleep, until we discovered that aromatherapy, by the natural powers of fragrance’s delight; can luxuriously aid sleep quality. Henceforth, it provides a true experience of actual ‘sweet dreams’, relaxation, and better morning energy with boosted productivity. Some of our multi-tasking diffusers can even be used as night lights with their multicolour LED lights. In addition to relieving stress, anti-bacterial and anti-viral agents, aromatherapy acts as an immune shield, which helps fortify your body against all the foreign antigens and even soothe the nervous system, leading to regulation of hormones, metabolism and brain’s chemicals.

     After long years of spraying five-minute-lasting perfume spray in our houses; discovering the most efficient and safest method of essential oils' usage changed the whole game! Inhalation through aromatic, air-purifying, and renewing diffusers, in which you can alternate aromas that can be maintained all day, can aid the absorption of essential oils by the body. But you may still be wondering; why choosing the French Lotus aroma diffusers collection in particular?


The combination of essential oils and diffusers will help you

     Simply, every housewife deserves easily-cleaned anti-stains environmentally-friendly diffuser with uncomplicated use. Our diffusers are even programmed to shut off automatically at low water level after continuous hours of timed misting of aroma that spreads up to 40 m². They are slightly heavy and accompanied with patches; to guarantee safety around children and pets! French Lotus offers finely sculptured car diffusers; so you can take fragrance delight everywhere you go!

      Aromatherapy is a lifestyle, a routine easily incorporated to adapt to your needs. A diffuser can form a perfect gift to your beloved; special enough to be offered on Mother’s Day. Frenchlotus’s philosophy is all about changing your lifestyle into a healthier one, more comfortable - and unmistakably happier.

     Let each penny you spend on your purchase matter!