Aromatherapy has been known for over 6000 years to be applied at homes, but then why not behold the enchantment of your favourite essential oil everywhere? Now, you can carry your fragrance with you the same way you could carry a lucky coin; as you elegantly make the best out of your essential oils with French Lotus Essential Oils Jewelry Collection.


A special aromatherapy-inspired necklaces and bracelets

The items within the collection vary from bracelets and wristbands to necklaces and pendants. In all manners, they are significantly lightweight with adjustable lengths, made of either stainless steel or leather. They are accompanied by pad holders or lava Magnet stone and pads, where you can pour drops of your most favourable essential oil as it gets entirely absorbed and delicately diffused; so. you can enjoy the refreshing aroma all day long! Hence, they are eco-friendly products chosen for what is best to our planet.


A special aromatherapy-inspired necklaces and bracelets

Research has proven that wearing jewelry, which was invented over 90,000 years from today, boosts confidence. In a performed study, wearing jewelry reduced tension; boosting self-esteem in nursing home patients with memory disorders. Psychiatrists have associated jewelry taste with human traits and mood expression. Jewelry has expressed freedom, grace, and protective magic, growing wealth and power; since it was associated with royalty classes only. Nowadays, that is no longer the limited case. In fact, a piece of jewelry alone is a romantic gift symbolizing perfect affection. Then, what if the gift was scented and closely carried all day long?

Delighting natural aromas are capable of helping you get rid of your worries, calm down your own anger, and aid sleep and life quality. Since essential oils’ classy fragrance is long-lasting; you no longer have to worry about spritzing and carting chemical perfume bottles anymore. Aromatherapy is more than just an expression; it is a sustainable lifestyle connected to nature!


Let each penny spent on your purchase matter!