What Is Aromatherapy?

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What Is Aromatherapy?

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Don’t you wish the aroma of your very own place to smell naturally as pleasant as a freshly-planted garden? Did you ever consider incorporating essential oils into your calming routine? You must have wondered about the therapeutic benefits behind aromatherapy. After all, do aromatic oils really work?

I am Author Sara Khalil Doleh, passionately driven by the nectar of nature into inseparably incorporating aromatherapeutic essential oils into my daily lifestyle. Aromatherapy has been an inherited key of inspirational relaxation in my family for years; as I grew up watching my mother brew essential oils out of her garden’s plants. I trust I shall be able to provide information regarding the questions wondering in your very own mind!

Aromatherapy refers to the use of aromatic compounds from plants, mostly in the form of the essential oils (often obtained by distillation), for the prevention and relief of certain disorders as well as for well-being and appeasement. Used orally, dermally (massage oil), by diffusion or vaporization in the ambient atmosphere (essential oils diffusers), aromatherapy still requires precautions for use.

In the following article, you shall discover everything you need to know about:

  • The history of aromatherapy
  • The benefits behind essential oils’ usage
  • How aromatherapy is used

Let’s see what we’re missing out on!


1- The Origins of Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a natural practice, far from recent, adopted by humans; aiming for a calming experience with guaranteed medicinal benefits and product safety. There is a story presented to you about how this classic therapy turned into modern luxury.

a) The Birth of Essential Oils

“Essential oil therapy”; that is what aromatherapy has been known as over 6000 years ago. This holistically therapeutic vegan extracts that can help your body and spirit from outside in must have had an original story brought to us behind it. It is said that Ancient Egypt was the genuine birthplace of this therapeutic concept.  Essential oils were, at first used by Ancient Egyptians for religious, cosmetic and medicinal purposes; including preserving corpses from decaying. The culture of aromatherapy did globally expand, for why wouldn’t it?

Natural aroma flowers holding in hands

b) Introducing Aromatic Compounds to the World

Both Chinese and Indian cultures adopted this therapeutic concept, especially in their medical systems. Ancient Greeks, known to be the most talented physicians of the ancient world; believed that essential oils’ massage itself was a form of therapy; owning powers to heal from outside in.

Later on, Romans, who once believed that hygiene is the secret of well health; invented the concept of aromatic baths, especially upon the Dark Ages of the Roman Empire. It was believed these essential oils infused baths, which turned out to own anti-bacterial and anti-pesticide properties, washed people from all sins; leaving them as pure as essential oils themselves.

The term of aromatherapy was entitled in 1937 by the French chemist and perfumer: Rene Maurice Gattefosse, the ‘spiritual father of aromatherapy’ who burnt his hand in his laboratory and found nothing but pure undiluted lavender essential oil for the aid.

happy woman in a lavender field

Surprisingly, the benefits of lavender essential oil were not limited on taming his pain only, but preventing wound infection and scarring. After prolonged research, he discovered that essential oils can penetrate through the body and spread their miraculous benefits; circulated to organs. Hence, he suggested to doctors treating French soldier wounds after World War One, as well as post-war anxiety with essential oils.

Ever since, the position of aromatherapy aroused in modern medicine as alternative environmentally-friendly organic vegan extracts; replacing modern chemicals and, at the same time, protecting the planet. This French-told story was the inspiration for the creation of the Aromatherapy Starter's Kit brought to you by French Lotus.


2- The Benefits of Aromatherapeutic Essential Oils

Essential oil therapy has been, before long, a solution overcoming health-related and psychological obstacles, multi-purposely used to deliver your very own required desires. It almost sounds like a solve-it-all magic!

a) Examples of Essential Oils and their Different Benefits:

Since essential oil therapy has regained its recognition in science as an alternative to medicine after prolonged research; some even proved to successfully treat arthritis, eczema, and migraines. According to a modern study performed in 2019, Peppermint Oil helped treat IBS symptoms. Even in the days of Corona Virus; essential oils ruled against Covid19. Aromatherapy just never seems to disappoint housewives in search to disinfect homes with essential oils.

Different essential oils offer distinct immunity-boosting properties, for instance:

  • Antimicrobial benefits, like Eucalyptus Oil
  • Laxative, such as Peppermint Oil
  • Antifungal, such as Lemongrass Oil
  • Anti-sensitivity, such as Damascene Rose Oil
  • Anti-aging, like Rosehip Seed Oil
  • Antiviral, like Bergamot Oil
  • Anti-acne, like Tea Tree Oil
  • Medicinally wound healing properties, such as Sea-Buckthorn Fruit Oil
  • Antioxidant properties, like the ones found in Basil Oil

Are you curious to know where to start your journey into the essential oils world? You can always refer to French Lotus Essential Oil Beginner's Kit and try different oils out until you find which magical elixir suits your taste and needs best!

Essential oils and empty bottles for beginners.

b) The Benefits of Aromatherapy

Aroma is the most effective link touching our deepest memories. A proper relaxing essential oil can revive everlasting energy, improve focus, and even aid sleep quality. It would provide you an exquisite experience to switch into usage of humidifiers and diffusers in your essential oil routine.

arometherapy kit with essential oils and aroma diffuser

Through the process of inhalation, chemical components are absorbed into human bloodstreams and circulated to our organs; affecting how efficiently they work. Hence, every surrounding particle in the air around us affects our approximate health. It feels like a duty to protect the environment surrounding our families and pets. Children’s immunity, through essential oils, can be easily boosted at an early age. Even pets can safely benefit from essential oils too; since they help the prevention of allergies and even skin and fur abnormalities.

You may ask yourself: are essential oils safe? In fact, they usually are; yet, inhaling these oils by adding a few drops to your diffuser or humidifier is the safest and most efficient method of all; relaxing inhalation soothes both the nervous and limbic system, regulates unstable hormones, metabolism and brain’s chemicals. It is always advised to patch test each essential oil; to insure you do not develop any reactions.


3- How to Incorporate Aromatherapy into your Lifestyle:

From ingredients in your products and cosine to relaxing massages and aromas. Variable benefits can be gained from aromatherapeutic essential oils.  The secret is in knowing how to find the perfect way to convert them into a cherished part of your essential routine.

 a) Essential Oils in Daily Lifestyle

Different essential oils have taken over a huge part in skin, body, and hair care industries as crucial ingredients in toners, lotions and moisturizing balms, such as Borage Seed Oil, as well as hair conditioning and even lash and brow regrowth products, such as Argan Oil and Castor Oil.

Lavender Oil, for instance, has been proven to be the most anti-stress aroma to the brain’s nervous system; incorporated in relaxing body massages. Some relaxing essential oils such as Frankincense Oil can even help regulate female hormones and even soothe labour pains.

Ever since essential oils have even been Generally Recognized as Safe by the Food and Drug Administration; they have been widely incorporated in cosines, such as Ginger Oil; which aids digestion and Orange Oil; which deliciously flavours desserts.

A plate with different plants to make essential oil.

b) Essential Oils in Aromatherapy

The genuine benefit of essential oils depends on the way you choose to incorporate them into your very own lifestyle. Diffusers, which turn your favourite essential oil into fine vapor are perfect for a wholesome romantic experience. Diffuser’s vapor can reduce bacteria and fungus in the surrounding environment; preventing health-related complexities and diminishing any unwanted odours.

If you wish for a luxurious aromatherapy experience, humidifiers are definitely made for you; they can, in fact, in addition to all the aromatic benefits, increase the air’s moisture levels; boosting overall mood and skin’s hydration; which prevents ageing and sagging skin. Since lack of eye hydration causes most eye issues and allergies; humidifiers can even protect your eyes from drying out or develop infections.


4- Choose Your Personal Comfort

The truth behind the secret of relaxation and health maintenance has been finally exposed once aromatherapy has proven its rightful place across ages and nations.

You must have not only discovered how essential oils can bring you joy and wellness; but also, how to figure out the best methods to turn them into an inseparable part of your life. Now that you have discovered these secrets so far; you know how to start your aromatherapy journey!

You are one click away from switching to a healthy lifestyle, why would you postpone what brings you comfort?

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