How To Disinfect Your Homes In Times Of Coronavirus

How To Disinfect Your Homes In Times Of Coronavirus

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The entire world is going through tough times at the moment. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a global shut down with widespread panic and fear. The novel coronavirus is a newly discovered virus that spreads through respiratory droplets from one person to another.


This virus has spread so far and wide in just a matter of a few months because like all microorganisms, it is invisible to the naked eye. It is released in the environment when a patient coughs or sneezes. This means an infected person sprays the virus in the atmosphere without anyone realizing it.

So it transfers from one patient to multiple healthy people in a short period. To contain and control the virus, we must take adequate preventive measures. As of yet, there is no cure to COVID-19. The only thing one can do is take precautions.


Importance Of Disinfecting Your Home

While taking preventive measures, people remember to disinfect their hands but often forget that they also need to purify their homes. While cleaning homes, cleaning surfaces with a germicidal agent is not enough. Many people disregard the fact that they also need to disinfect the air in their homes because you never know the kind of germs that may be lurking there.

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Home is a safe space for everyone. When you enter your house, you lower your defenses, so you must make sure your house is free of all pathogens. Since germs are not visible, it is possible that you already have many disease-causing organisms present in your home, without you knowing about them.

You must realize that your house is not safe unless you do something to disinfect it. You should think about getting rid of these germs if you want to live a healthy life.


Ways To Make Your Home Germ Free 

The best way is to use a humidifier with a blend of essential oils that can kill pathogens as it may instantly disinfect the air in your home. According to certain studies, some mixtures of essential oils were found to be effective against bacteria, fungi, and even viruses. Dangerous viruses, like the Swine flu virus and the Influenza virus, were found to be sensitive to those essential oils. The experiment proved that specific blends of essential oils have virucidal abilities.

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This means that essential oils may help in killing the novel coronavirus and making your house germ free. These blends of essential oils can be used with a humidifier to disinfect your homes against COVID-19.


How Can A Humidifier Help?

A humidifier is an appliance that is used to increase the humidity in an area. There are different kinds of humidifiers available for various purposes. They are mainly used to prevent the effects of dry air by adding moisture to it. Other than this reason, they can also be used to disperse essential oils in the air, making the air smell nice but also disinfecting it. The chances of a humidifier with essential oils purifying your homes depend on many factors:

Specific Essential Oils

The most critical factors are the types of essential oils and humidifier used. It is crucial to select essential oils that claim to have antimicrobial activity. If you're unsure about it, you can search about them on our article dedicated to oils or on the internet and see which of the vital oils are proved to be antimicrobial.

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Suitable Humidifier

Along with essential oils, choosing a suitable humidifier is also necessary. You should always look for a humidifier that can be used for diffusing essential oils as well. French Lotus offers the biggest collection of humidifiers online. If you put essential oils in a humidifier that isn't suitable, you'll end up destroying the plastic/rubber present in it.

Concentration of Essential Oils

Another factor that plays a role in determining the anti-bacterial quality of an essential oil combo is the concentration of essential oils in the air. Use a humidifier in a closed room so that essential oils can spread in the air and kill the germs in a limited space.


In short...

During these times of the coronavirus pandemic, it is key to disinfect your homes because you don't know what germs you or someone else in bringing in your house.

To disinfect the house, you can take a humidifier and put essential oils inside it. Make sure to get the essential oils that have germ-killing abilities. The humidifier will spread the oils in the air, killing the pathogens and disinfecting your home. Staying safe and taking precautions is the only way to control this pandemic.

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