Five Aphrodisiac Essential Oils article

Five Aphrodisiac Essential Oils

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Aphrodisiac? I know what you’re thinking.


You get Greek mythology vibes! And what another nerdy way is to begin an article?

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Essential oils are natural oils typically obtained by steam distillation or cold pressing and have the original essence and fragrance of the plant from which they originate. They are also known as ‘Liquefied plants’ that add to aroma and taste. In general, we can use aroma oils in a variety of ways, such as insecticides, aromatherapies, personal care products, flavorings, herbal prescriptions, and Aphrodisiac essential oils.

The words Aphrodisiac essential oils are self-explanatory. Aphrodite was one of the Olympians according to the ancient Greek myths, and love was what she stood for. So, Aphrodisiac essential oils are oils used to heighten the feelings of passion and affection in a person.

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Sounds like ‘love potion’ from one of our favorite books? Right? That’s what they are exactly!

They are elate user’s feelings and cause ecstasy and euphoria. Some of them are blends of Lavender, Sweet Orange, Damiana, Tangerine, Clove Bud, Lime, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Copaiba, Geranium, Jasmine, and Rose. 

Many of them are available in the market, and they are all used in a variety of ways. Many of them are compatible with air humidifiers, room diffusers, and aphrodisiac jewelry (that can be neatly stored in your room).

List of significant Aphrodisiac essential oils is:

  • Ylang Ylang
  • Clary Sage
  • Rose
  • Bermagot 
  • Lavender
  • Neroli
  • Carpolobia
  • Jasmine
  • Lepidium Meyenii
  • Sandalwood

Among these, the following are the most common.

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    Ylang Ylang oil comes from the steam distillation of the flowers of the Cananga odorata

    Inhaling Ylang Ylang essential oil is associated with feelings of euphoria, ecstasy, and it also helps relieve depression. It also improves mental health. And because these things enhance sexual experience, that ylang-ylang is one of the best Aphrodisiac essential oil.

    The main chemical components of Ylang Ylang essential oil include Linalool, Geranyl acetate, Benzyl acetate, Geraniol, Methyl p-Cresol, Methyl benzoate, Geranyl acetate, and Benzyl benzoate. Linalool is known for its seductive quality, and that’s where Ylang Ylang’s Aphrodisiac properties kick-in.

    These oils can be diffused in bedrooms and sprayed on sheets.


      Jasmine essential oils come from the distillation of the shrubs belonging to the plant genus Jasminum. 

      Jasmine essential oil has stimulating effects and arouses the autonomic nervous system. So, it behaves as an outstanding aphrodisiac essential oil. Besides, it also increases breathing rates and blood oxygen saturation. It can be massaged directly on the skin and is also good with an air humidifier.

      It can also be inhaled directly from the bottle

      diluted in a carrier, but be sure to dilute it with a carrier oil like palm oil or almond oil.


        Myth vibes again?

        We’re talking about Cleopatra here. The Egyptian princess was known for bathing in rose oil almost every day. Let’s see why did that!

        Rose essential oil comes by distillation of plants belonging to genus Rosa of the family Rosacea.

        Essential oil with rose

        Generally, roses are widely used for their lovely floral scent, but they help remove depression and stress, leading to feelings of pleasure and delight. 

        They can also be applied topically to the neck and wrist. They are also used as air humidifiers.


          It is also an Aphrodisiac essential oil that is also used for arousal and desire. Bergamot oil was found to increase the number of amino acids in the brain; these amino acids trigger heightened levels of sex hormones. Bergamot is often blended with oils such as jasmine, lavender, and rose due to it being able to produce great floral scents and complementing them. It is instrumental as an aphrodisiac in its own right, but in other combinations, it is too sensual too.


            It is extracted from the parasitic tree Santalum album.

            Sandalwood oil is found in many perfumes, fragrances, and air fresheners. It has a very particular odor. It helps regulate mood and create feelings of desire. Studies indicate that it boosts pulse rate, skin conductance level, and systolic blood pressure, thus making it Aphrodisiac.

            It can be inhaled directly and can be used in the form of air humidifiers and room diffusers.


            In the end, it is up to you what essential oil you’d like to go for depending on your taste. All you need to be careful about is that you use it in a highly diluted form, and that’s it! You’re ready to use your Aphrodisiac essential oil.

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