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Essential Oils And Coronavirus

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With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, everyone is on the lookout for ways to protect themselves from this virus. This pandemic is due to a new strain of coronavirus, so there are no previous studies about it. Due to this reason, the closest one can get to try and understand the nature of this virus is by studying other illnesses like the Influenza virus or the Swine flu virus.

Corona virus

The main steps one can take to protect themselves from the novel coronavirus, amongst others, include maintaining a safe distance from people and washing hands effectively. Other than that, if someone wants to have an additional line of defense against this virus, what they can use are essential oils.

It may come as a shock to some people. Still, it is true that aromatherapy essential oils may be used as a protective measure against the novel COVID-19. Studies suggest that specific blends of essential oils have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antiviral abilities. 


Essential Oils against Other Deadly Viruses

There are studies to support the fact that many blends of essential oils are successful in killing bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Essential oils have effectively killed deadly viruses, like the Influenza virus and the Swine flu virus. The same studies have shown that essential oils could kill about 99.99% of these microorganisms.

Essential oil against covid 19

Researchers have proved that coronavirus is not as deadly as many people think it is. Influenza and Swine flu viruses are much more lethal and have resulted in more deaths as compared to COVID-19. If essential oil blends have been successful in protecting against Influenza and Swine flu, it is not wrong to consider that they would have the same effect against COVID-19.

There is a high probability that essential oils can provide an additional layer of protection against coronavirus. This does not mean that one should depend entirely on them; instead, essential oils should be used as an extra layer of protection.


Something is better than Nothing

As we do not have any particular ways to fight off this virus yet, what should be done by all of us is to adopt as many healthy lifestyle changes as we can. It is always wise to be safe than sorry. Amongst other changes, one that can make a difference is to start using essential oils readily.

Humidifier against coronavirus

Aroma oils work as antiviral agents by disrupting different stages of the viral life cycle. In this way, they kill the virus present in the environment and provide a safe, healthy space. The diffuser should run in an empty, closed room to use essential oils correctly and effectively to kill the virus. Then the room should be opened afterward. 

Keeping all these things in mind, getting the essential oil blends that fight against bacteria is a great idea. It is something that everyone should invest in, to be able to breathe in a safe environment. To turn the protection on in your homes, all you need is a humidifier and the effective blends of essential oils.


Other Benefits Of A Humidifier

Skin Care

Who wants a glowing skin? Apart from several other benefits, one of the most desired – especially by women – is the skincare that a humidifier can guarantee. Different manufacturers cram the cosmetic products with chemicals that break and abuse the skin. In contrast, essential oils are gifts of nature that can get into the pores and treat skin the right way. 

Eye Protection

If you ask a doctor the #1 threat to your eyes – he’ll have two words for you: dry air. A humidifier’s main task is to keep the air moist, and that ensures that your eyes are always sufficiently moisturized. Eyecare is more than just a luxury in the digitized world we live and the amount of screen time our eyes have to handle.


Essential oils, such as clary sage, anise, lavender, sweet basil, bergamot, tea tree, and marjoram are all not only efficient against a virus – but have specific therapeutic effects to them. They enhance mental health by effectively keeping the stress levels down. Several scientific researchers have proved the neurological benefits associated with aromatherapy.

Purple Flower for essential oil

With the plethora of benefits and a chance of knocking down the pandemic, a humidifier and essential oils are most definitely a blessing that you can have inside the four walls of your home. Without further ado, take the right step and do what you can while the virus is ruthlessly doing what it can.

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