Why do you need aromatherapy diffusers ?

Why You Need Aromatherapy Diffusers in Your Modern Place

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What is the aromatherapy trend about? Why is it claimed that you need an essential oil diffuser as a luxurious part of your everyday life? Are they considered safe for all types of households and offices? After all, do aromatherapy diffusers really work? If so, how can essential oils benefit our bodies? Where could you even get a high-quality essential oil diffuser from?

I am Author Sara Khalil Doleh, a writer in the French Lotus Team. I have always been passionate about aromatherapy and essential oils’ extraction; as I used to accompany my mother to our garden; picking certain plants and flowers in order to extract healing elixirs; known as essential oils. Allow me to answer all the doubts wandering in your mind and even guide you through choosing the best diffuser for your very own!

Aromatherapy diffusers are modern devices used to advocate the way your body and soul get the best out of essential oils in an aesthetic experience. Essential oils’ diffusers have returned trendily as luxurious safe products, harmless to the environment; in order to make the most out of this therapeutic relaxing concept with countless benefits!

In the following article, you shall discover everything you need to know about:

  • Aromatherapy history.
  • All about essential oils’ diffusers.
  • Decorative diffusers and special French Lotus tips.
  • Picking the best diffuser for you.

      Let’s cover what you’re missing out on!


1- Aromatherapy’s Evolution Through Decades and Cultures

Civilizations through centuries have incorporated essential oils into their lifestyles in various ways. However, it has been medically proven that the safest method of all and the least allergy-causing one is performed through inhalation; since inhaling essential oils’ vapor can even boost the respiratory system's health; which is where essential oil diffusers come in as handy.

Different flowers and plants arranged on a table ready for the extraction of essential oils.

a) History of Aromatherapy

      From the ancient pharaoh’s civilization of Egypt, this therapeutic concept was born into existence through the essence of turpentine; used initiatively as a part of the mummification process. Due to its superb benefits; essential oil therapy travelled and resided as a crucial practice in many cultures.

Aboriginal Australians, for instance, were the distinguished users of the popular Tea Tree oil over 30,000 years ago; since it was known for its antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, and antifungal properties. The Greeks, on the other hand, dedicated aromatic oils for healing and relaxing purposes, such as Cedarwood Oil.

Moreover, the Asian civilization that was present over 7000 years ago, believed in aromatic medicinal benefits. Hence; they extracted essential oils initiatively as alcoholic solutions and developed this therapeutic concept into Ayruvedic Medicine, which includes Turmeric, Cinnamon and Ginger Oils. Indians, however, used essential oils as crucial elements in their body and mind healing aromatic baths and massages.

Preparation of essential oils centuries ago, with the presence of a manuscript explaining the operation to follow.

In 1918, the French chemist and perfumer known as René-Maurice Gattefossé became the genuine father of modern aromatherapy; as he dedicated his life for research purposes and invented the word itself. From then on, aromatherapy hopped on constant fast development with true science backing it up; becoming the aromatherapy we are familiar with today!

b) Modern Essential Oils’ Therapy

      Essential oils are highly concentrated natural extracts from the leaves, flowers, and stems of plants. Recent methods have been developed for the sake of extracting 100% pure essential oils through distillation. Aromatherapy was then perfected by the incorporation of diffusers, which safely enhance all the therapeutic aspects that accompany essential oils.

       "Aromatherapy has been used for centuries. When inhaled, the scent molecules in essential oils travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain and especially impact the amygdala, the emotional center of the brain."

Says Gujral.

Aromatherapy is believed to stimulate nasal smell receptors, which enhance the nervous system to send messages to the limbic system: the part of the brain that controls emotions.

Woman enjoying the smell of essential oil from an aroma diffuser

In the twenty first century,  the  science behind aromatherapy became unquestionable; proving its safety. Essential oils like Tea Tree Oil have been incorporated in skincare products such as toners and cleansers; to fight against acne and inflammation. However, other oils like Rosehip Seed Oil, rich in a natural Retinol (Vitamin A), can provide age-reversing and anti-hyperpigmentation properties for fading acne scars. On the other hand, Argan and Castor Oils have become inseparable ingredients in haircare products for their hair-growth and shine- enhancing properties.

     Let’s bear in mind that essential oil therapy is not limited to essential oils’ topical usage only; but it expanded to advanced aromatherapy-related diffusing qualities. Yet, on what behalf can diffusers work for aromatherapy?


2- Everything You Need to Know About Diffusers

      From just a few drops of any essential oil; aromatherapy diffusers will disperse the oils along with the fine mist and into the air as fine vapor; easily inhaled, absorbed into the body, and hence, circulated throughout the organs. This steam also has the ability to purify the air; in order to kill bacteria and fungus.

Range of Aromatherapy necklaces

a) How Essential Oil Diffusers Work 

       Lots of sorts of diffusers have been adopted into the market, including Heat and Nebulizer Diffusers, each type of diffuser is designed to work uniquely. Some diffusers available on the French Lotus website, for instance, are specifically designed with several technologies, one of them, for instance, is the ultrasonic technology; which vaporizes cool mist from the diffuser’s water tank.

Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Diffuser Old Style, with 2 bottles of essential oils

Being considered as the most innovative aromatherapy technology, ultrasonic vibrations break essential oils into microparticles as negative ions. Negative ions have proven to perform as chilling for the nervous system overall; known for their anti-microbial and anti-depressing properties. The overall process is noiseless and relaxing; aiding sleep quality; especially since most French Lotus diffusers, for instance, own shut-down timers.

b) Pros of Using Aromatic Diffusers

      Since essential oils are extracted from flowers, leaves, tree barks or roots of plants; they are environmentally-friendly. Green products are usually safe to be used around children, pets and pregnant women. Furthermore, if preserved in glass packaging; they become completely waste-less to the environment and even to the coral and marine life.

Choosing the essential oil that suits you best is key; you can even interchangeably mix and match essential oils in your diffuser according to your own desired benefits! Diffused essential oils may provide loads of life-quality raising properties; some like Lavender Oil can relieve anxiety, whereas others, like Frankincense Oil, are able to destress the senses.

Transparent bottles of essential oils, herbs and berries

Some can also purify the atmosphere, kill germs and even boost immunity; for their anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties found in many pure oils such as Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Bergamot Oils. Oils like Peppermint may have appetite controlling abilities and were proven to be IBS- healing. On the other hand, Clove and Lemongrass Oils may perform as mould- killing and mosquito repellent. Most recently, a study in 2016 revealed that certain essential oils may naturally treat lung and liver tissue damage caused by pollution. All in all, your preferred essential oil must be accompanied with a proper diffuser, now mustn’t it?


3- Which is the Perfect Diffuser for You?

        It may differ from a person to another; the perfect diffuser concept needs to be decided by the consumer only! It is the one for you if it is accompanied with your favourite essential oil and designed in a technology dedicated to suits your own needs.

a) Decorative and Practical Usage for Diffusers

      Aromas have unlimited effects on senses; as for scent being the sense most connected to memories; a distinguished and relaxing essential oil aroma to your place will make your partner, children and even pets, more connected to the place. It would literally boost everyone’s mood within your household! Furthermore, properly designed and polished diffusers, matching your place’s aesthetic, are technically charming decorative items that can properly fill up any empty space at your home.

Aromatherapy diffuser on table, perfect decoration. Air freshener

Apart from that, a smartly decorated office reflects professional attitude; a scented office can even psychologically affect business in a positive manner. Relaxation and calmness can provide ‘business trust’; deals can be performed more wisely and smoothly; once both sides are cheerfully boosted and comfortable. This  is why an essential oil and diffuser kit can be more than a perfect gift; everybody and anybody can benefit from it!

b) Quality Tips from French Lotus:

      It is not about purchasing any random diffuser; quality counts over anything else! Therefore, the consumer is always advised to follow these tips for a successful essential oil and diffuser purchase:

  • Make sure your diffuser is made out of high-quality material that are easy to cleanse and maintain. It is better to choose a relatively-heavy diffuser, with provided safety patches; so that the diffuser will not be easily moved and accidentally broken.
  • Get a diffuser that shuts off automatically at low water level; to minimize consumption.
  • Be aware of purchasing a diffuser that does not produce much noise. It would be a plus if the diffuser is set with a timer to shut down after a certain time at night.
  • Check the label for the Latin scientific name of the plant to ensure essential oil quality.
  • Make sure that containers are dark-coloured and made out of glass; since pure essential oils can dissolve plastic and damage the oil since its highly concentrated.
  • Stick to natural 100% pure essential oils; since fragranced oils are mixed with chemical perfuming components that cannot deliver aromatherapy’s benefits. Thus, chemicals can always affect the purity of the oil.
  • Make sure you always patch test; to prevent allergic reactions and consult your personal physician before introducing essential oil therapy to your lifestyle.

Aroma oil diffuser on table in bedroom. Air freshener

4- High End of Product Recommendations

       People have adopted plenty of methods to aromatize their places as well as to use essential oils. Diffusers are considered as the safest in both cases; lifting your mood with a whiff of their fragrance. Due to the multiple benefits combined provided by using aromatherapy diffusers; they are, in a way or another, money-saving, that is since advantages include but are not limited to soothing stress, headaches and sleep for all ages; as well as healingly aromatize and maintain health. Furthermore, it was even confirmed through some patients that aromatherapy even helped alleviate the symptoms of various conditions. Could it get any better?

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Selection of Aromatherapy oil diffusers


Written by Author Sara Khalil Doleh

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